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Captive Insurance Solutions NZ Ltd

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members of the New Zealand Captive Insurance Association (NZCIA)

Going above for those that have gone beyond.

Captive Insurance 

New Zealand's Insurance Market on Cusp of Transformation - AM Best Special Report Nov 2011
"Insurers that are continuing to underwrite earthquake risk are passing on the bulk of these increased reinsurance costs to policyholders. Companies are considering alternative risk transfer, such as the use of captives".

What we are hearing


  • What is captive insurance?

  • My premiums have increased two fold since the earthquakes in Kaikoura. What alternative is available?

  • I am now subject to additional imposed earthquake and natural disaster excess's. Why?

  • Why hasn't my existing broker discussed a captive alternative with me?

  • How can I have more control over the costs associated with the purchase of insurance?

  • How can I obtain an additional cash flow stream via a captive?

  • Your introduction and reporting is compelling. Let's continue..

  • You have indicated that you are a one stop shop. Please introduce me to your strategic wealth manager and your legal and accountancy team.

  • Can we utilise our own accountant and lawyer?

Contact Us

Tel: 07 543 3773 Dean



34 Ruapehu Street, Taupo, 3351 New Zealand

P.O.Box 5492, Mount Maunganui 3173 New Zealand


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